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Group Meetings and seminars

Three fundamental rules in Japan (according to an interview on Prof. Masashi Haneda)

  • ルールを守る / Follow the rules.
  • 人に迷惑をかけない / Avoid to trouble others.
  • 空気を読む (KY) / Read between the lines (Direct translation: Read the atmosphere).

Be on time

  • Speakers shall arrive 10 minutes before to prepare the meeting (open the door, prepare the projector, air conditioner, light, curtain, tables, chairs, etc).
  • Non-speakers arrive 5 minutes before. You can help the speakers in preparation.
  • Gonna to be late? Send an email to ML before the seminar. If you are going to be absent, please inform Prof. Zhao at least one day before.

How to research

On paper and slides

  • Paper should follow the format for QE (see a template in LaTeX). It can be incomplete but should be prepared carefully. Please submit the source file (or a compressed archive if there are more than two source files) and a PDF.
  • Presentation file contains the slides. If you modified the slides after uploading, please re-upload it again.
  • Uploading is done by Media Manager. Please name your file as date-name-filetype.ext such as 20170410-liangz-slides.pdf.
  • Put time & event information in your presentation.
  • Add citations of the information (even in the presentation file) that are not your own works.
  • Analyze or demonstrate how your research is related to what you introduced and why your research may help.

Paper/Document writing and submitting

  • Step 1: Try a free English Grammar Check (Please submit your document after this check):
  • Step 2: Try a free translation service (Please use this service if you are not sure about your English):
  • (NEW) Step 3: Try to refine your article with chatGPT ( → ask it to refine an article).
  • Always submit documents one day before the deadline, since you may miss it due to some unexpected happening on the deadline day.
  • If you need Prof. Zhao to review a document for you, please contact his at least three days before the deadline.

Official language

  • The official languages are English and Japanese.

Your personal namespace

  • Create a personal namespace user:yourname (e.g., user:liang) and put all your documents (paper, slides, other files) in that namespace by the Media Manager. See an illustration.

Appointment with Prof. Zhao

  • Usually please ask for an appointment one week before (two weeks preferred)
  • For recommendation letter, please try to provide a draft first one week before the deadline.



Contributor wanted!

xournal++ is a good software for handwriting based lectures. It works for Linux, macOS and Windows 10, and is open sourced. We can contribute to this project by translating its interface into Chinese and Japanese languages. Volunteer wanted!


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