Future Wisdom Institute - Informatics-based interdisciplinary research group

April 2022

Members in school

  • Leader: Assoc. Prof. Liang Zhao
  • Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Marc-Henri Deroche
  • L5: Wenruo Lyu (Research: pyramid structure in networks)
  • L4: Wenlong Li (Research: Autonomous driving and traffic accessibility)
  • L2: Yanghepu Li (Research: graph learning)
  • L2: Rimsa Goperma (Research: Glaucoma diagnose by Image processing)
  • L1: Asato Nakamura (Research: life)
  • L1: Zhenyu Zuo (Research: graph learning)
  • L1: Yining Xu (Research: algorithm for mental disorder screening)
  • L1: Rojan Basnet (Research: image processing algorithm)

Members on leave and Alumni

  • Xuening Lyu (Master. Algorithm for mental disorder screening. April 2022)
  • Akiko Tanimoto (Master. Malapportionment. April 2022)
  • Xu Cong (Shared leadership. PhD. Nov. 2021)
  • Yunian Pang (Master. Flow experience in cultural tourism. April 2020)
  • Yue Sun (Mentee. PhD. April 2020)
  • Rongqing Hu (Master. Autism spectrum disorder. Jan 2019)
  • Quan Chen (Master. Psychology. April 2018)
  • Rachael Kei Kawasaki (Moved to other lab from April 2019)
  • Deng Ke (Moved to other lab from April 2019)
  • Shanji Li (Mentee, PhD. April 2018)
  • Shuntaro Noda (Population simulation. Oct 2016)

Employment: WIPO, UN University, Kyoto University, Simplex, Huawei, JX Nippon Mining & Metals Co., and others.

Visiting scholars (sorted by name)

  • Prof. Xuefeng Liang (Xidian University)
  • Prof. Dongchun Liu and three students of his lab (Shenyang Pharmaceutical University´╝î Aug 2018)
  • Haijun Liu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Oct 2018 -- Sep 2019 => Chongqing University)
  • Shiqi Yang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Oct 2018 -- March 2019)
  • Huanjian Zhou (Zhejiang University, Aug 2019 -- Sep 2019. => The University of Tokyo in 2021)
  • Yixiong Chen (Chongqing Univeristy, July 2015 -- Aug 2015)