Future Wisdom Institute - Informatics-based interdisciplinary research group

趙亮, Dr. Informatics, Assoc. Professor, Email: liangzhao at acm.org, Blog, ResearchGate, Facebook, My personal site.

  • 20/12/17 大连理工大学软件学院讲座:信息智慧论
  • 20/11/12 アシックスー京大共同企画「歩く・走る」の原点を考えるWS:デジタル社会の今後ー「文明論的に社会の流れを見る」
  • 20/08/22 京都大学中国留学生学友会讲座:信息智慧论(上)-生命是什么


BS & BE (Tsinghua U., China), Dr. Informatics (Kyoto U.). Besides research, I like free and open source software, badminton, football, travelling, science fiction, with skills in Unix/Linux system administration. I am also an active leader/member in three leadership programs including Shishu-Kan (run by GSAIS), Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP), and 京都大学ELP. For more detail, see my CV and my ResearchMap page.


See an introduction. For a full list of publications, funding, awads, and others, see my ResearchMap page. For preprints, please refer to my ResearchGate page. If you have interest in joining my lab, please check the information first.


Undergraduate Understanding the digital world (Doshisha Univ.), Graduate Introduction to OR, Advanced Optimization, Information Wisdom. See my researchmap page for a full list.