The event is invitation based.

The First Workshop on Graph Learning and Applications

Learning is one of the fundamental activities of lives. Recent development of advanced tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is promising to help human society reveal "good" information from high volume of data that may be difficult or impossible for a human to find. Focusing on graphs, this workshop studies how to learn graphs (in the broad aspect) and apply those algorithms to various tasks. It will motivate further collaboration toward better understanding on graph learning and its applications.

Time/Date (tentative): 9:30am-6pm, Saturday, August 3rd, 2024

Place: Lecture Room 2, 2F, Research Bldg. No. 8, Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University (access -> 59)

Language: English and Japanese (both are OK)


  • Professor, Dr. Tatsuya Akutsu (Keynote speaker, Kyoto University) and Ms. Mamoona Ghafoor (speaker)
  • Associate Professor, Dr. Liang Zhao (Organizer, Kyoto University) and lab members (1 talk)
  • Associate Professor, Dr. Kazuya Haraguchi (Kyoto University) and lab members (2 talks)
  • Associate Professor, Dr. Weiwei Du (Kyoto Institute of Technology) and lab members (2 talks)
  • Assistant Professor, Dr. Naveed Ahmed Azam (Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan) and lab members (1 talk)
  • Associate Professor, Dr. Liyou Han (Kyoto University)
  • Senior Lecturer, Dr. Erica Uehara (Kyoto University)


We would like to invite every speaker except for the keynote speaker to submit an abstract so that we could exchange ideas better. This abstract will be published on the repository KURENAI provided by Kyoto University. So an abstract of one or more published papers is preferred but please be careful to avoid any copyright issue (we will not check it). For unpublished contents, please be careful not to show the detail. A guideline for the abstract is as follows.

  • Length: one or two A4 pages (at most two pages) with double columns, including the references
  • Font for the content: Times New Roman, 11pt
  • Template: none
  • Submission deadline: July 24, 2024

Program (tentative)

TBA Time (Q&A included) Speaker(s) Title/Remark