Future Wisdom Institute - Informatics-based interdisciplinary research group

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What's New

  • May 27, 2023, Open Campus
  • April 6th, 2023, renewal for 2023 Academic Year.
  • 1:30pm-4pm, Sep 29, 2022 UNESCO 2022 Workshop


We study interdisciplinary methodologies like network algorithms and optimization, machine learning, deep learning, etc, with their connection to learning theory, wisdom and life. We propose Information Wisdom theory with a Wisdom Equation: Wisdom = Learning + Random Choice, and use them to study the limitation, future, expectation and danger of AI, as well as the nature of life, creativity, future life/world. See an overview (Apr 2022).

Features of FWI include

  • Interdisciplinary research: include algorithms, applications and impacts related to Informatics, in particular, algorithm and AI. See research.
  • Diversity: is highly respected. We have students and visitors from various fields and countries. See members.
  • Originality: is a must. Students can propose their original research as far as it is related to informatics.
  • Wide collaboration: is possible with other labs, univerisities, institutes, hospitals, IT companies etc.
  • Leadership training: is a unique feature here. We support students to take leadership training including long- and short-term internship.
  • Integrated domitory: is available for all students with minimum expense and maximum communication opportunity.
  • Diverse career path: is possible from international organization to researcher. See members.


Students with strong background in Math, Computer Science, Informatics, AI or related fields are welcome, better with interests in philosophy, social science and social contribution. Before contacting Prof. Zhao, please carefully read the information of the graduate school and this website. For Chinese students, you shall read extra information on 报考简介 and 京大求学建议. Please notice that we don't accept Research Student unless you have the MEXT scholarship.